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When the nerve supply of a tooth becomes infected or damaged it may be necessary for you to have a root canal treatment (known as endodontics) to prevent the infection spreading through the root canal system. The tooth is opened up and the dead or inflamed area is removed, the root canals are cleaned out, shaped and then filled to the root tips.

Dominic Flanagan has a special interest in endodontics and he is highly respected within this field. He can accept a root canal referral from your own dentist, on a private fee-paying basis. When we receive your referral from them, we will contact you to arrange your free consultation. Dominic will assess your suitability for the treatment and we will let you know the full cost of the treatment before you proceed.

As a root filled tooth is weaker than it is normally, you may require a crown to strengthen it. If you have been referred to the practice, you would need to visit your own dentist after the root canal treatment is finished and they will fit your crown. This is because we value the ongoing relationships with our referring dentists, so we will only carry out the work that is detailed on your referral. We will keep your dentist fully informed throughout the process and work closely with them to ensure the highest levels of aftercare.

For more information on Root Canal Treatments please click here.

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