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Fee Guide

We aim to be very open with regards to our fee structure and to provide patients with detailed plans and estimates so that you can make informed choices about your treatment option.

To encourage new patients we provide an initial consultation service at a reduced fee rate. This consists of examination, any necessary radiographs and a printed treatment plan at a fee of £155 for a 40 minute appointment

We offer a free initial consultation and treatment plan for those patients interested in Root Canal treatments, and Invisalign braces.

We also treat patients within The Denplan Capitation Scheme. Similarly we are happy to treat patients with their own dental insurance plans.

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The fees shown below are merely intended as a guide and please be aware that appointment times do include a few minutes for us to clean and sterilise the treatment room ready for the next patient. Individual detailed quotations will be provided as required and always upon request.

Fee Guidelines January 2021

Please swipe from right to left to view the fees.

Treatment Fees Private Denplan
Full new patients examination (40 mins) £160 N/A
Routine examination (20 mins) £119 Included
Routine examination (15 mins) £88 Included
Hygienist 30 min Scale & Polish £90 Included
Fillings and Extractions from £130 Included
Root canal treatment (front tooth) from £560 Included
Root canal treatment (back tooth) from £720 Included
Invisalign Clear Braces (Free consultation) £1400-£3800* £1400-£3800*
Crowns from £721 from £196
Veneers from £721 from £207
Tooth whitening (per arch) £212 £212
Acrylic Dentures (1-4 teeth) from £436 from £235
Acrylic Dentures (5+ teeth) from £561 from £256
Metal Dentures (1-4 teeth) from £884 from £437
Metal Dentures (5+ teeth) from £1008 from £465
Out of hours emergency call out £191 £41
Second Opinion 30 min £195 N/A
Periodontal Treatments Private Denplan
Periodontal consultation (includes full periodontal assessment, x-rays and photographs if needed): £150 £150
Periodontal reassessment/supportive periodontal treatment: £120 £120
Non-surgical periodontal treatment: from £300 from £300
Surgical periodontal treatment: from £560 from £560
Implants Private Denplan
Initial consultation, radiographs & treatment plan £100 £100
Implant with crown back tooth from £2600 from £2600
Implant with crown front tooth from £2750 from £2750
2 Implants supporting 3 tooth bridge from £5700 from £5700
2 Implants supporting 4 tooth bridge from £6550 from £6550
Lower over-denture from £6800 from £6800
Upper over-denture from £7500 from £7500
Full Arch Implant Bridge from £19000 from £19000
(All above fees include 3D Scan but not bone regeneration if required)
There are significant discounts for multiple implants.
On occasion, these additional items may be required.
Provisional Denture £420 £420
Provisional Adhesive Bridge from £780 from £780
Immediate Loading (per tooth) £650 £650
Guided Bone Regeneration from £350 from £350
Sinus Grafting (per side) £1200 £1200
Block Grafting £1600 £1600
Summers Lift £100 £100
All other work, such as extractions, will be charged at our hourly rate of £369

Payment is due at the end of each appointment. We accept cash, cheques, and major credit cards except American Express. A fee will be charged for failed appointments or those cancelled at short notice. This fee is calculated at half our prevailing hourly rate on the surgery time that is wasted.

2021 Denplan Fees per month

Please swipe from right to left to view the fees.

Denplan Care £19.31 £32.04 £38.95 £49.15 £57.94
Denplan Essentials £11.94 £20.13 £32.30 N/A N/A

Please note the Denplan Essentials Scheme only covers: Examinations, Scaling and Polishing, X-Rays and any preventive treatment. It also carries all the insurance benefits of Denplan (such as accidental injury) but does not cover restorative care such as fillings, root fillings, crowns, bridges, implants, cosmetic treatment and dentures. Please be aware that private fees and all Laboratory Fees will be incurred by the patient for these treatments.

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